Our Services

Providing effective & qualitative services using modern cutting edge technology qualified and experienced staff

Efficient methodologies in support of clients’ needs in offshore, onshore and consulting services. Our activities are tailored to provide reliable, effective and timely delivery of services, process Data’s and solutions within budget with highest standards and safe and healthy working environment.
From simple to complex geophysical, geosciences, Geotechnical and construction/engineering survey. GGSL mobilized teams of specialist and project managers to support and delivered to clients at achievable time with qualitative management. Below is a list of the services we offer
  • Geotechical Investigation
  • Offshore Pipeline Route Survey
  • Cable Route Survey
  • Search and Rescue Operation
  • Topo-geodetic Survey
  • Offshore Rig Positioning
  • Dredge Monitoring & Supervision
  • Hydrography
  • Hydrology
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Seismic QA/QC Services
  • Geographic Information System
  • Sand Search


GGSL are experienced in the provision of offshore survey personnel including Seismic & Electromagnetic, hydrographic, inspection and construction activities.

  • Navigators, positioning specialists, surveyors
  • Observers, acquisition specialist, hydrographic engineers and instrument technicians
  • Streamer technicians, OBC technicians and OBN specialists
  • Source/Gun mechanics, handling specialists, compressor mechanics
  • Geophysicists, seismic data processors and acquisition QC
  • Seismic workboat coxwains and crew
  • Positioning, acquisition and HSE QC
  • Party Chiefs/ Party managers, shore reps and shore administrators
  • Chase boat coordinators, Fisheries Liaison Officers (FLO)

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