About Us

Creating value by optimizing geotechnical, geophysical & geosciences survey through technology

GGSL has been a pioneer in the advancement of Geotechnical, geophysics Geosciences since the company was created in 2009. Since then we have gone from strength to strength technologically, operationally and financially.

GeoNav Geotechnical services Limited (GGSL) was established in 2009 in response to the growing need for effective and reliable Geophysical, 

Geotechnical local content company in Nigerian to serve the oil and gas industries.

From offshore, onshore and project conceptualization to development through to completion, maintenance and decommissioning.

GGSL carried out operations & services in environmentally-friendly, ensuring the health and safety of all personnel and other subcontractors that are associated with Geonav projects and activities.

GGSL operate and maintains Base office in Port Harcourt, project contact office in Lagos. The company is made up of Base managers, (Head of operation), Survey/underwater engineers, Hydrographic surveyors, Geophysicists, and Geologists and Data processors, these qualified and experienced personnel are drawn from diverse disciplines to make the GGSL team.

Our vision

Our value is to create geotechnical, geophysical and Geosciences Partner of Choice.

Our values

  • Is to be powered by skill and professional people around the world
  • Have a passion for creativity and innovation
  • Have a passion for creativity and innovation
  • To deliver sustainable performance
  • Act Safely
  • Be socially responsible
  • Serve Clients
  • Deliver Solutions
  • Protect the environment

our commitment to quality

our health & safety policy